Lockdown journal

Hi I’m Miki and I’m from Australia and I’m in lockdown for a week.

Day 1: we didn’t start school because of a pupil free day but I had to set up and get ready for the next day ahead of me.

Day 2: we started school and it felt really weird, I found myself more focused and and concentrated but a bit nervous.

Day 3: It started to get a little boring but it was fun because some time went fast because of school

Day 4: My family played board games to pass time and have fun

Day 5: My family watched tv and went into our gym to stay active

day 6: Unfortunately I couldn’t attend school because I had a swollen foot which was distracting and made me feel a little sick

Day 7: It was quite relieving that it was the last day so I made the most of it. Today felt really long but I pushed through it

This week, the blogging challenge is to chose an environmental issue

I think that people should go shopping less because people buy food and let it sit in their pantry for months, eventually throwing the food out which causes food wastage. We can stop this by not shopping every week and to just slow down and finish what we have bought before buying even more Continue reading

My passions and interests

My passions and interests

I have always liked basketball since I was a little kid. I remembered watching the NBA players play for their states which I thought was amazing. I have always wanted to be like my idols like James Harden, Steph Curry, Giannas Atentokoumpo and others. .     As some may know I really like video games, technology and being on social media platforms like Youtube, Twitch, Instagram ect. One 0f my dreams is to be a streamer on twitch or be an influencer because I like making videos and making peoples day by being myself.


I am really interested in something called the DSMP (the dream smp) I have many favourites in the group like dreamwastaken, georgenotfound, sapnap, karl jacobs, quackity, tommyinnit, jack manifold, minx, captianpuffy, philza, wilbur, ranboo, tubbo, jschlatt, connereatspants, fundy, badboyhalo, skeppy, technoblade many more members that really put a smile on my face.


Music quiz

here is my music quiz! enjoy and have fun 🙂



Week 5 writing challenge. the rain

The rain was pouring down outside. It crashed against the pavement, belted the metal fences and the trees shook tremendously. Athena sat peacefully by her window watching the rain come crashing down. Then she had an idea to go outside and play in the rain because Athena felt stressed from online school. at first she hesitated but eventually she got up and walked quietly out of her room. The front door screeched. Athena went outside even though she had her virtual class. She sat on the cold pavement, her teeth chattered against each other. A shiver got sent down her spine but Athena didn’t care however her lips turned blue, her hands were cold and her nose was bright red. Athena knew she was getting a cold so she slowly stood up. Her legs were shaking which caused her to limp. Then she finally opened the door which screeched again. Athena slowly went up the stairs and opened her bedroom door. Athena jumped high and landed onto her bed. She opened up her laptop while her hair was slowly dripping and her hands shaking fast. Athena emailed her teacher that she will be sick. She closed her laptop, went into the hot shower and reflected on her day.

Writing challenge week 5 Lost island

Once there was a lost island right off the shore of limnos Greece. A whole family decided to go to Limnos for a family holiday to meet their grandparents again for the summer. ‘are we there yet’ the kids said impatiently. ‘ not too far kiddos’ the Dad answered. The kids groaned. Eventually  they arrived at limnos and they rested in their hotel. The next morning the family all woke up exhausted. ‘My legs are sore’ said Liam. ‘Don’t be such a sissy Liam’ insisted elle. ‘alright kiddos, let’s go to the beach to release out our stress shall we?’ said Mum. The kids squealed in excitement. They tore through their suitcases trying to find their bathers. Once  they found them, The family invited their grandparents over.  ‘it’s hot’ elle groaned. They arrived to the beach and elle ran over to the water while Liam saw something else. He ran across the sand because he saw something odd in the distance. However he tripped and fell. Liam only saw black. As a result of running to fast he tripped over a rock and hit his head. The parents were traumatised. When they saw him laying down they carried him to hospital…

writing challenge using connectives

Once there was a small cabin in the middle of no where. Nobody knew who lived in there, So people just thought it was abandoned but people thought something bad of it. until one day they saw a light illuminate the whole house. It shined that bright that people where shocked.’Dad?’ the little Girl said. ‘why are people staring at us..?’ the Dad ignored her as he “didn’t” know himself. Then suddenly everyone started to leave as an outcome of nothing happening. Soon after the family decided to ignore them despite everyone staring at their house. The family felt quite odd after. They thought that nothing was wrong with their house. They checked for ages but they couldn’t find anything to solve the problem, however people still kept on coming to see their house. Suddenly the little girl saw something move quickly. ‘Dad! Mum! quick come over here’ the parents moved slowly so the girl went to go see for herself. She looked in a hidden door she had never seen before. Her face turned pale. ‘Why did they hide this from me?’ .She tried to open the door but it was locked. But then the door slightly opened….


Commenting Guidelines

                          from all of these ’emails’ I am going to rate them from 1-5

  1. From the post from Penny I rate it a 1/5 because There is no grammar, words spelt correctly and no email etiquette was used there and she sent it to a teacher
  2. The post from Terry was a 5/5 because It was focused at the point of the email, used paragraphs and used grammar and punctuation.
  3. The post from Hanna is a 4/5 because once again it was well said, stayed to the point, used grammar and punctuation but she didn’t use any paragraphs but thats okay.
  4. The post from Sally is a 2/5 because it wasn’t helpful and She spelt many words wrong.
  5. The post from Tom is a 4/5 because he explained it well, used grammar and it was helpful.
  6. the 6th post was a 1/5 because they didn’t say who it was from, used ‘so’ to many times and it isn’t helpful
  7. the 7th post is a 2/5  because it didn’t show who it’s to and who it’s from and it’s short but they used a comma.
  8. the post from Dianne is a 3/5 because she said ‘surely’ which to me she could have worded it better and she could have done a paragraph.