Week 5 writing challenge. the rain

The rain was pouring down outside. It crashed against the pavement, belted the metal fences and the trees shook tremendously. Athena sat peacefully by her window watching the rain come crashing down. Then she had an idea to go outside and play in the rain because Athena felt stressed from online school. at first she hesitated but eventually she got up and walked quietly out of her room. The front door screeched. Athena went outside even though she had her virtual class. She sat on the cold pavement, her teeth chattered against each other. A shiver got sent down her spine but Athena didn’t care however her lips turned blue, her hands were cold and her nose was bright red. Athena knew she was getting a cold so she slowly stood up. Her legs were shaking which caused her to limp. Then she finally opened the door which screeched again. Athena slowly went up the stairs and opened her bedroom door. Athena jumped high and landed onto her bed. She opened up her laptop while her hair was slowly dripping and her hands shaking fast. Athena emailed her teacher that she will be sick. She closed her laptop, went into the hot shower and reflected on her day.