Writing challenge week 5 Lost island

Once there was a lost island right off the shore of limnos Greece. A whole family decided to go to Limnos for a family holiday to meet their grandparents again for the summer. ‘are we there yet’ the kids said impatiently. ‘ not too far kiddos’ the Dad answered. The kids groaned. Eventually  they arrived at limnos and they rested in their hotel. The next morning the family all woke up exhausted. ‘My legs are sore’ said Liam. ‘Don’t be such a sissy Liam’ insisted elle. ‘alright kiddos, let’s go to the beach to release out our stress shall we?’ said Mum. The kids squealed in excitement. They tore through their suitcases trying to find their bathers. Once  they found them, The family invited their grandparents over.  ‘it’s hot’ elle groaned. They arrived to the beach and elle ran over to the water while Liam saw something else. He ran across the sand because he saw something odd in the distance. However he tripped and fell. Liam only saw black. As a result of running to fast he tripped over a rock and hit his head. The parents were traumatised. When they saw him laying down they carried him to hospital…

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