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                          from all of these ’emails’ I am going to rate them from 1-5

  1. From the post from Penny I rate it a 1/5 because There is no grammar, words spelt correctly and no email etiquette was used there and she sent it to a teacher
  2. The post from Terry was a 5/5 because It was focused at the point of the email, used paragraphs and used grammar and punctuation.
  3. The post from Hanna is a 4/5 because once again it was well said, stayed to the point, used grammar and punctuation but she didn’t use any paragraphs but thats okay.
  4. The post from Sally is a 2/5 because it wasn’t helpful and She spelt many words wrong.
  5. The post from Tom is a 4/5 because he explained it well, used grammar and it was helpful.
  6. the 6th post was a 1/5 because they didn’t say who it was from, used ‘so’ to many times and it isn’t helpful
  7. the 7th post is a 2/5  because it didn’t show who it’s to and who it’s from and it’s short but they used a comma.
  8. the post from Dianne is a 3/5 because she said ‘surely’ which to me she could have worded it better and she could have done a paragraph.

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