writing challenge using connectives

Once there was a small cabin in the middle of no where. Nobody knew who lived in there, So people just thought it was abandoned but people thought something bad of it. until one day they saw a light illuminate the whole house. It shined that bright that people where shocked.’Dad?’ the little Girl said. ‘why are people staring at us..?’ the Dad ignored her as he “didn’t” know himself. Then suddenly everyone started to leave as an outcome of nothing happening. Soon after the family decided to ignore them despite everyone staring at their house. The family felt quite odd after. They thought that nothing was wrong with their house. They checked for ages but they couldn’t find anything to solve the problem, however people still kept on coming to see their house. Suddenly the little girl saw something move quickly. ‘Dad! Mum! quick come over here’ the parents moved slowly so the girl went to go see for herself. She looked in a hidden door she had never seen before. Her face turned pale. ‘Why did they hide this from me?’ .She tried to open the door but it was locked. But then the door slightly opened….


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